About Ryan Chaw

If you are ready to start building your real estate portfolio and aren’t sure how to consistently find profitable deals that make rather than cost you money and find high quality tenants who don’t punch holes in your walls or start a pot farm in your garage – real stories by the way – then I can help you.

With my unique step-by-step process that starts with a single-family home and maximizes your profit, I’ll show you how to build passive income and achieve financial freedom.

I can help you if…

  • You don’t even know where to start to FIND your first real estate investment
  • You aren’t sure how to analyze a property for profit potential.
  • You have difficulty overcoming that knowledge barrier in real estate investing.
  • You aren’t sure how to find the right connections and build your real estate dream team.
  • You aren’t sure what to do when something goes wrong.
  • You want to create a stable, reliable stream of passive income.

Second home purchase in 2017. Since then this house has generated $83,100 in gross rents as of February 2020.

Will this actually work???

You might be wondering at this point, does this strategy I use actually work?

You can take a look at my rental account here.

After investing for 4 years – buying 1 property per year – I now make $10,755 per month in rental income over my 4 single family properties. That’s 6 figures per year.

Because everything is automated, this is as close as you can get to passive income!

Here’s my story

I wasn’t the most educated investor when I first started investing in real estate. I was inspired by my grandpa who went into real estate and was able to retire early. He had income coming in from his rentals until a ripe old age. With that income, he helped put my brother and I through our schooling.

When I started, I figured I might was well just “wing-it.” Didn’t have a mentor or coach. Very soon I realized what a bad idea that was.

I knew nothing about what kind of house to purchase, how to market for high quality tenants, and how to maintain the house.

I was simply an impatient kid who wanted to get started. In fact, I only looked at 2 deals before buying one of them!

This became one of the biggest investment mistakes I ever made…

After closing on the property, I found out that it needed millions of repairs. A pipe broke on one of my tenants and the sewage overflowed out of the sink onto the kitchen and bathroom floor! It smelled putrid. I had to frantically call plumbers all around the area. This was around 12 midnight on a weekend, so you can probably imagine I had to call a lot of numbers before I finally found a service to clean the (literal) shit up.

The cost to disinfect, pump out the water, and establish a temporary repair was several thousands of dollars. On top of that once we stuck a camera down the sewage pipe, we found out that the whole pipe was rusted and cracking in several areas. This cost me an additional $6,000 to replace.

I then had rat and flea infestations. The tenants literally had bites all over their bodies. On top of that, the HVAC system was very inefficient. And my tenants disrespected me. Think of anything that could go wrong – you name it. It happened.

To make things worse, I didn’t come up with a reliable system for generating leads and so I ended up having vacancies from January 2016 until August 2016.

In the end, I spent over $40,000 on repairs and improvements and was negative in cash flow for a year. 

What a nightmare right? This definitely was something I could have avoided if I’d gone into the deal with a strategy and a mentor.


One huge advantage with having passive income is that you can afford to travel without having to worry about spending your hard earned money. Tenant cash flow will pay for most or all of your vacation expenses.

Lessons Learned:

That house taught me some very valuable lessons.

One lesson was to focus on creating positive cash flow rather than relying on appreciation. With the right renovations and remodeling, I almost doubled my gross rent. I was making $3,100 in rent rather than the $1,860 estimated on my rent appraisal.

I learned to cut back on repair costs by anticipating repairs before problems occur. I focused on key areas such as plumbing/pipes, electricals, and exposure to mother nature. I set up my house so I could avoid pest problems, water leaks, and high energy/water bills.

I learned to buy cheaper preventative measures for common property problems that come up in order to avoid the more expensive emergencies. 

Now every time I visit a property, I have a checklist in my head to make sure I buy a property that won’t end up costing me more than I would be making.

And I combine that with a proven marketing strategy that reliably gets me tons of well-qualified, mature tenants asking to rent a room from me. Just take a look at the screenshot here!

After purchasing 4 single-family houses and moving in 18 tenants, the end result was more than worth it. All of my houses are on 15 year mortgages and have positive cash flow. Once all 4 are paid off, I will have a predictable stable stream of a 6-figure passive income. I may choose to pay them off in 4-5 years by reinvesting the cash flow and my W2 income or I may continue to leverage my income by buying more rentals. The best part is that by having the right accounting, a large chunk of my profits are tax-free.

You can use our marketing strategies to generate consistent high quality tenant leads. This is how many people contacted me in April. My houses were all filled for the next full year by mid-May! I had to turn a lot of people away given the high market demand.

And for fun, here are a Couple of Personal Facts About Me

In my free time I travel to many foreign countries to just absorb the culture and life outside of California. So far I have been to China, Japan, Taiwan, the Bahamas, Canada, Paris, London, Germany, and Mexico.

I’m a pharmacist. I graduated with my Doctor of Pharmacy at age 23 and have been working as an Infectious Diseases Pharmacist for 4 years now.

I have played the violin for over 15 years. I enjoy playing movie themes but can play more complex songs like Flight of the Bumblebee and Canon Rock.

I have practiced martial arts for over 15 years. The style I learned is called Bok Fu, “white tiger.” But I also learned judo, aikido, karate, taekwondo, and capoeira.




What you should do next…

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