Real Estate Investment Coaching and Mentorship Program

Looking for a real estate investment coaching and mentorship program to help you invest in real estate profitably and build financial freedom? 

Navigating the real estate industry and finding the right investment property requires a number of things – you need to know what type of property to look for, find high-quality tenants, and understand and minimize your costs.

The list goes on and on.

And that’s where a real estate coach and mentor can help. 

My name is Ryan Chaw and I’m here to walk you through what it takes to find the right real estate investment coach. Read on!

About Ryan Chaw

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I’m the founder of Newbie Real Estate Investing, a real estate investment coaching company for new real estate investors who want support in finding their first profitable deals and building financial freedom for themselves. I’ve personally built a multiple six-figure real estate portfolio while working a full-time job.

Today, I mentor new real estate investors to build their own portfolios in the fastest and safest way. Here, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to find a coach and mentor who you know you can trust and who will help you make the best financial decisions in your real estate business.

What is a real estate investment coach? 

A real estate investment coach is a coach who supports you in finding your first real estate investment property or properties based on their own experience and expertise. They’re a mentor – someone who can guide you to make the best decisions as you build your real estate investment portfolio. 

Real estate coaches offer one-on-one coaching and/or group coaching. The type of support you want depends on your preferences. Private coaching is a more intimate coaching relationship, while a group coaching mastermind can help you learn from others in the group. 

Having someone by your side to bounce ideas off of, help you through all the research, decisions, and paperwork is extremely valuable. After all, to create a consistent positive cash flow, you can’t just rely on buying in the right location. 

Other factors to consider when buying your first property include: 

  • Finding a lender 
  • Negotiating the price 
  • Understanding how to renovate to increase profits 
  • Generating leads to find the best tenants 
  • Managing tenants or property managers  and automating the process as much as possible 
  • Troubleshooting along the way 

…Yes, there’s a lot to work throughout the journey. But a coach can help you 10x your results without running the risk of spending years on your investment only to figure out that it won’t pay off.

Is real estate mentorship worth it? 

Think about it this way:

A real estate mentor has been where you want to go. Ultimately, they could help you halve the time it takes to find, secure, and profit from your first investment. (Also, studies show just how powerful mentoring is – 97% of people with a mentor say they’re valuable (1).)

I know firsthand… 

My initial steps as a real estate investor were shaky, to say the least. 

After I bought my first deal, I soon found out that the property was in bad shape and would need tons of repairs. 

Then, a pipe broke on one of my tenants and the sewage overflowed into the kitchen and bathroom floor. After frantically searching for a plumber in the middle of the night, the cost ended up being several thousands of dollars, not to mention thousands more when I found out the pipe had to be replaced. 

On top of that, there were rat and flea infestations, HVAC systems that needed repair, bad tenants, and on and on. I ended up spending over $40,000 on repairs and improvements. AND I was negative in cash flow for a year.

That shows you just how much can go wrong when investing in real estate. And how a real estate coach can help you avoid these mistakes and get positive cash flow much faster.

Picture of client

“After using the negotiation strategy we talked about, seller just accepted $23,000 below asking price!”

Herman M.

How much do real estate coaches charge? 

The average real estate coaching cost depends – on the type of deals they work with, their experience, and more. The range is broad and can vary anywhere from a few thousand to multiple six figures. 

However, if you think about it, the cost of a real estate coach doesn’t matter that much. When you’re buying property, there are plenty of things that can incur huge direct or indirect costs. In the end, your entire investment can fail because you made the wrong decision at one point. 

A coach can help you avoid that.

When I first started my real estate investment journey, I thought I could do it alone. And I could! But not without a lot of trial and error, massive expenses, and lost revenue. 

In fact, had I worked with a coach from the start, I probably wouldn’t have lost $40,000 and I would’ve had a profitable rental property much faster than I did doing it all by myself. 

Instead of cost, look at things like: 

  • What real estate investment strategy do they use? 
  • What type of portfolio have they built up for themselves? 
  • What type of portfolio have their clients created?
  • Do they have testimonials from other clients? 
  • What type of results can you expect after working with them? 
A few of the investments my clients have made.

Real estate investing and mentorship program

What are the best real estate coaching programs? 

My own real estate coaching program is created for new real estate investors. We work together to: 

  • Find a profitable property at the right price
  • Renovate the property for maximum profits
  • Acquire high-quality tenants 
  • Set up a tenant-management system 

I’ve developed my strategy, which builds on finding single-family homes and creating student housing rentals – to help you maximize your profits as you can rent your property to more tenants – for years.

Ultimately, this system exists to help you generate passive income and live out your lifelong dreams. Whether that’s funding your kids’ education, traveling more, building a safety net, having more impact, or spending more time with your loved ones. 

That’s what this program is about. 

And the system is failproof…If my strategies save you from one mistake or bad tenant, you get a return on your investment. 

Want to learn more? 

Read more about my program here.

“With one simple email back to me you pretty much gave me more insight into real estate than anyone else has.”

Rickey S.

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