The #1 Real Estate Investment Coaching and Mentorship Program for New Investors – by Dr. Ryan Chaw

Looking for a real estate investment coaching and mentorship program to help you get your first rental as soon as possible?

After all, the right program can help you: 

  • Get guidance from an experienced real estate investor
  • Find out where to invest for maximum ROI 
  • Get your first profitable rental
  • Learn established, proven systems to cash flow faster and efficiently
  • Get high quality, amazing tenants
  • Accelerate financial freedom by building up your passive income streams
  • Hold you accountable
  • Make it as passive as possible and minimize self-involvement 
  • Avoid costly mistakes that most newbies make 
  • Avoid feeling overwhelmed and getting stuck in analysis paralysis… 

Maybe you’re interested in real estate investing so that you can build a more fulfilling life – for yourself and your family. You may want to have more financial freedom to pursue what you enjoy, to travel more… and live an amazing life in the process.

Imagine earning an additional $2,500 per month in a passive income stream… 

Owning just 3-4 rentals that cash flow $1,500 to $2,500 per month each can completely cover the average U.S. household expenses, which was $6,081 per month in 2022. (1) 

And this does not include…

  • Appreciation (price increase) of the property which averages 3% or more per year
  • Your tenants paying down the home loan
  • The generous tax breaks the IRS gives you for owning rentals
  • Rents usually going up (keeping with inflation) while your mortgage payment stays the same.

Now at this point, you might be thinking, this sounds great! But, life isn’t all about money…

You’re right; it isn’t. Life is about enjoying good health and relationships, building a legacy for yourself and your loved ones, and having an awesome time doing it. 

By building up your wealth, it helps get that weight off your back, that constant pressure to provide, so that you can focus more of your time and attention on enjoying all of these more important things.

My grandpa got to enjoy this kind of life because he chose to invest in real estate as soon as possible. 

He bought a few properties in the San Francisco Bay Area which was just a new and growing city back in the ‘50s. Because he researched and bought in a great location, his properties went up more than 30 fold in price. Not only that, but the rental income from the properties allowed him to retire early and help cover part of my college tuition and that of my brother’s as well. 

This created generational wealth for our family.

While real estate investing can be very impactful for you and your family, navigating the real estate industry and finding the right investment property requires a number of things. You need to…

  • Choose the best real estate investment strategy for you and your goals
  • Figure out what property will be profitable
  • Find high-quality tenants who consistently pay their rent
  • Understand and minimize unexpected expenses
  • Know how to manage the property – either by using a system or by assembling a cost-effective team to handle it for you.

The list goes on and on. (I should know! I lost over $30,000 on my first property because of a few, simple mistakes I could have easily avoided with the right guidance.)

And that’s where a real estate coach and mentor can help.

My name is Dr. Ryan Chaw, a Pharmacist and real estate investor, and I’m here to walk you through what it takes to find the right real estate investment coach. Read on!

Before I share a little about myself so you can get to know me, here’s a free gift if you’re interested in learning my favorite real estate investment strategy…

About Dr. Ryan Chaw


  • I worked as a Pharmacist for 7 ½  years before “retiring” at 31 earning multiple 6 figures from my passive rental income.
  • During my full-time Pharmacist job, I bought one rental per year, which was a steady and safe pace.
  • At 28, I grew my wealth to 7 figures by reinvesting cashflow and property equity.
  • I love, love, love to travel! My favorite countries so far are Japan, Taiwan, Belize, and Thailand.
  • I value family time and enjoy solving escape rooms with my parents and girlfriend (we have done about 20 so far).
  • I have a black belt in mixed martial arts, currently go to jiujitsu 3- 4 times a week, and have played the violin for over 15 years.

And last but definitely not least:

I’m the founder of Newbie Real Estate Investing, a real estate investment coaching company for new real estate investors who want guidance in finding their first profitable deal and building financial freedom for themselves. 

My coaching programs are built upon my personal experience of building a multiple six-figure real estate portfolio while working a full-time job.

You can read more about my story in Business Insider and BiggerPockets.

Now I teach new real estate investors how to build their own portfolios in the fastest and safest way possible. For example, Chetan signed up for the mentorship and 2 days later he bought his first property which made $1,500 per month in cash flow. Soon after he purchased another rental that made $800 per month plus his son living in it for free:

Here, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to find a coach and mentor who you know you can trust and who will help you make the best financial decisions in your real estate business. 

What is a real estate investing business? 

First things first: why should you start a real estate investing business? 

A great real estate business can give you MONTHLY passive income. Once your monthly passive income greatly exceeds your monthly expenses, you have financial independence because you no longer need to trade in your time for money. You also pay much less taxes because real estate is a tax advantaged investment.

That’s not to say it’s easy to invest in real estate – the learning curve is steep and most people give up before they really get going. 

But for those of us who are willing to put in the work, it’s a fantastic way to build your wealth much faster than almost any other vehicle out there. As billionaire, Andrew Carnegie, said,

“90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

A couple of interesting facts about the real estate industry:

  • The real estate industry is a critical driver for economic growth in the US(1)
  • There are, in total, 48.2 million rental units in the US(2)
  • 70% of rental properties are owned by individual investors(3)
  • On average, residential real estate generates an annual return of 10.6% and commercial properties average 9.5%.(4) Of course, this includes those who don’t know how to spot a great deal or have a profitable strategy. 

    What is a real estate investment coach? 

    A real estate investment coach is a mentor who supports you in finding your first real estate investment property or properties using their own years of experience and expertise as guidance. They’re someone who can guide you to make the best decisions and avoid costly mistakes as you build your own real estate investment portfolio. 

    Real estate investing coaches offer one-on-one coaching and/or group coaching. The type of support you want depends on your own preferences. 

    Some want private coaching because you meet one on one and it’s a more intimate coaching relationship, while a group coaching mastermind can help you gain multiple perspectives and different ways people have solved a real estate problem.

    Having someone on your side to bounce ideas off of, help you through all of the research, decisions, and paperwork is extremely valuable. After all, to create a consistent positive cash flow, you can’t just rely on buying in the right location. You also need to know how to spot red flags on a property and find the best tenants and great contractors for the renovations. (Not the ones that don’t show up for work; unfortunately, there are many of these ones out there).

    A great coach can also help walk you through these other factors to consider when buying your first property: 

    • Finding a lender who will give you the best rates 
    • Negotiating price 
    • Understanding how to renovate to increase your property’s value
    • Finding the perfect tenants who will take care of your property
    • Putting your rental management process on auto-pilot so your investment does not become a 2nd job.
    • Troubleshooting obstacles and avoiding expensive mistakes along the way 

    …Yes, there’s a lot to work throughout the journey. But a coach can help you 10x your results without the risk of wasting years on your investment only to lose money in the end.

    Is real estate mentorship worth it? 

    Think about it this way:

    A real estate mentor has been where you want to go. Ultimately, they can shorten the learning curve so that you can find, buy, and profit from your first rental in less than 60 days.  (Also, studies show just how powerful mentoring is – 97% of people with a mentor say they’re valuable in many ways including increasing a mentee’s confidence, motivation, and new skills.(5))

    I know it firsthand… 

    My initial steps as a real estate investor were shaky, to say the least. 

    After I bought my first deal, I found out two months later that the property was in bad shape and needed tons of repairs.

    Then, a pipe broke on one of my tenants and the sewage overflowed into the kitchen and bathroom floor. After frantically searching for a plumber in the middle of the night, the cost ended up being about $2,000, not to mention about $9,000 more when I found out the entire sewage pipe had to be replaced. 

    On top of that, there were rat and flea infestations, HVAC systems that needed repair, misbehaving tenants, and on and on. I ended up spending over $30,000 on repairs and improvements. AND I was negative in cash flow for over 2 years.

    Image of shower leak repair

    One of my many mistakes…

    That shows you just how much can go wrong when investing in real estate. And the value a real estate coach may bring in helping you avoid these mistakes to get to positive cash flow much faster. 

    For example, contrast my experience with that of my client Andy, who didn’t have any experience in real estate investing.  

    Because he made the smart decision to hire a real estate mentor, me, he was able to  start making a $700 monthly cash flow AND lives in his property for free… on his very first real estate deal:

    How much do real estate coaches charge? 

    The average real estate coaching cost depends – on the type of deals they work with, their experience, and more. The range is broad and can vary anywhere from a few thousand dollars to multiple six figures.

    However, if you think about it, the cost of a real estate coach doesn’t matter that much. Because when you’re buying property, there are plenty of items that can create large direct or indirect costs to you. This includes, overlooking red flags, buying in the wrong location, and not running all your numbers correctly. In the end, (not to be too dramatic but…) your entire investment may fail due to just one wrong decision at some point along the journey. 

    A coach can help you avoid that.

    In fact, had I worked with a coach from the start, I probably wouldn’t have lost that $30,000 and I would’ve had a profitable rental property much faster than I did doing it all by myself. 

    Some other benefits I’ve seen my clients get from working with me as their coach are:

    • Confidence: You’ll feel more confident getting your first rental because you have somebody by your side to make sure you avoid expensive mistakes and pick you back up if you stumble along the way.
    • Accountability: You’ll have a mentor by your side every step of the way to help motivate you and hold you accountable to getting things done.
    • Clarity: With a coach, you’ll learn how to share with them goals that you truly want and then build a step-by-step plan to get there.

    What should you look for in a real estate investment coach? 

    How do you identify the right real estate investing mentor?

    To find the best real estate coaches with a successful real estate career, look for things like: 

    • What real estate strategies do they use? Does their strategy offer the results I’m seeking?
    • Are the types of investment properties they invest in similar to those you want to focus on? (For example, single-family, multi-family, short-term rentals, house hacking, and so on.)
    • What type of portfolio have they built up for themselves? In other words, what is their track record?
    • Are they a successful real estate investor who is where you may want to be someday?  
    • What type of portfolios have their clients created?
    • Do they have raving testimonials? 
    • What type of results can you expect after working with them? And in what time frame?

    Even though these factors don’t specifically go over exactly how much money you are guaranteed to make, they are far more important than the cost of a coach.

    Real estate investing and mentorship program

    What are the best real estate coaching programs? 

    My own real estate coaching program is created for beginner real estate investors. (Though I also take on clients with several rentals under their belt in my advanced coaching program).

    Property investment

    I’ve developed my strategy, which focuses on converting single-family or small multi-family homes into student housing rentals – to help you maximize your profits as you rent your property to more tenants. Charging $600 per bedroom typically makes $3,600 per month for a 6 bedroom house.

    Ultimately, this game-changing system exists to help you generate a strong foundation of passive income which can allow you to live out the dreams you had as a kid since you will have a lot more flexibility in your life and time. Whether that’s funding your kids’ education, traveling more, building a financial safety net, having more impact, or spending more time with your loved ones. 

    That’s what this program is about. 

    And the system is proven through over 55 clients who now own their first profitable rental that makes $2,500 per month minimum… If my investment strategies save you from one expensive mistake or a problem tenant, you already will have a great return on your investment.  

    The Max Profit Rentals Real Estate Investment Coaching Program is a 6-month program that focuses on 4 key areas:

    1. Finding a great investment property and negotiating to get the right price

    2. Renovating to maximize income and minimize unexpected expenses

    3. Bringing in high quality tenants

    4. Building a management system and putting it on autopilot so it runs in your sleep

    Apart from the six months of one-on-one support (which you can read more about here), you’ll also receive:

    • A Facebook group community with active real estate investors like you that you will network with
    • A bi-monthly video call for support
    • Email and text message support between calls (thorough replies within 24-48 business hours)
    • A high-calibrated Deal Analysis Calculator 
    • And much more!

    It doesn’t matter where you are located either. I’ve worked with clients all over the U.S.:

    A few of the investments my clients have made. 

    Ready to buy your first rental, but don’t know where to start? Use this game-changing strategy to get the perfect rental AND make $2,500 per month minimum.

    And if you’re curious to know more about what’s possible when you work with me, take a look at my client Kali’s story.  

    Kali rented out her first property within a couple of days after buying it, making $4,200 a month in rental income: