Real Estate Coaching Reviews & Testimonials 

Looking for a real estate investing coach? 

Here are some of the clients I’ve worked with over the past few years and their experiences and results.

I work with my clients for at least six months. During that time, you’ll go through every step of investing in profitable real estate – from finding the right property to moving in hassle-free tenants and systematizing the entire process. 

You can read more about my coaching here. 

Andy has a $700 monthly cash flow and lives rent-free in his house

“I was able to buy my first house and understand the process after buying it, how to renovate it and find tenants. Ryan has been there every step of the way. Ryan has so many rentals of his own and he typically has an answer for everything. It’s really reassuring to know that someone is there to be able to support and guide me when I do run into problems.” 

Brannon overcame his fears and invested in his first property

“One of the things I benefited from was getting out of my comfort zone and doing something I was, at first, scared to do because I’ve never done it before. The hardest is the first step because you don’t know what’s on the other side. After going through Ryan’s process and having him as a mentor, that set the foundation going forward. It will only grow from here.”

Chetan was able to fill his first property within weeks, buy a second property, and grow a $2,300 monthly cash flow 

“The coaching helped me get over the hump. I had been researching for multiple months and was still unsure of myself, had a lot of questions, and so much doubt. But through the process, you were really able to help guide and push me along and keep me to my timeline… Without this coaching, I wouldn’t have been able to get over that hump and get into this space.” 

Kali filled a turnkey rental within a couple of weeks after closing on the property with a $4,200 monthly cash flow 

“I was so lost when I started and now I actually know what I’m doing. I would recommend the coaching to anyone who wants to get started but is stuck in analysis paralysis. This program helped me take action!”

Parin invested out-of-state with a $1,500 monthly cash flow 

“I was able to complete a purchase despite Covid. I was also able to market to the right tenants… I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Ryan and his training!”

Praveen has a $1,000 monthly cash flow on his California property 

“Ryan has a very systematic documentation people can follow and get the results they want. I feel like I was working with my friend and getting results!”

Tim rents his $62,000, four-bedroom Ohio property for $1,600/month

“Ryan’s program is truly a one-on-one coaching service. Whenever we have a question, Ryan is just a phone call or email away… Ryan’s very motivating.”

Wahyudinata achieved a $5,500 in monthly cash flow on his San Jose property

“It’s such a boost of confidence knowing that ‘Oh yeah, this decision is going to be correct because he’s gone through this with a full-time job and I have a full-time job.’ People who want to maintain their full-time jobs and have a side income are the perfect target market.”

Yuzo overcame analysis paralysis and bought his first property with a $1,500 monthly cash flow 

“Your mentorship helped me go from zero to one in real estate. The hardest part for me was breaking through the analysis paralysis barrier and I don’t think I would have been able to break that barrier without your help.”