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  • The Top 3 Mistakes Newbie Real Estate Investors Make When Buying a Property
  • How to Find A Great Deal In Your Local Market No Matter Where You Live (Including in New York or California)
  • 5 Red Flags You Should Watch Out For That Cost Me Over $30,000
  • My Unique Step-By-Step System for Consistently Turning High Profits Without Having To Micro-Manage The Properties And Tenants
  • What Exact Numbers You Need To Run To Determine A Great Deal From A Poor One
  • What To Do If Something Goes Wrong On Your Investment
  • How to Start With Nothing And Create A Strong Real Estate Portfolio That Earns 6 Figures
  • How to Find High Quality Tenants Who Always Pay Their Rent On Time
  • My Secret Strategy For Making Double the Returns On Investment Compared To My Real Estate Investing Peers
  • How to Get Past The Overwhelming Amount of Information Out There On The Internet And Get Crystal Clear On How To Actually Invest In Real Estate Strategically
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“After using the negotiation strategy we talked about, seller just accepted $23,000 below asking price!”

Herman M.

New Jersey Real Estate Investor

“With one simple email back to me you pretty much gave me more insight into real estate than anyone else has.”

Rickey S.

California Real Estate Investor

Meet Ryan

Ryan Chaw is a 27 year old pharmacist who over the course of 4 years, went from Zero to buying 4 single family homes and filling them with 18 tenants that make him $10,755 per month in rental income. And he does this while working his regular 9 to 5 job.

Ryan’s portfolio has allowed him to decrease his working hours to only 32 hours a week because of how much passive income he is making on his rentals. Ryan will retire at 31 years old with 6-figures in passive income to pursue other ventures and live life on his own terms.

Ryan has helped so many students save thousands of dollars simply by buying the right deal and finding high quality tenants.

In his free time, Ryan loves to travel. And real estate provides him the funds for his vacations. So far he has been to Japan, China, Taiwan, London, Paris, Germany, the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. Ryan is a black belt in martial arts and believes that focus, discipline, and having the right strategy are the keys to mastering anything – including real estate.